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Café-Ecole Publications belong to the non-profit organism "Café Ecole – Himalayan Yoga Meditation of Hellas"

Publications started in 1981 with books by Constantin and Maria Foteina and until today we have published more than 30 books, three of them, books by Swami Veda Bharati.

You can find our books at 12, Thessalonikis str., Chalandri 15234, Athens, Greece

Following bellow are Swami Veda Bharati’s books.

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Books by Swami Veda Bharati
"The Night Birds" (translated in Greek)
(14 x 21)
Selling Price 18€
I.S.B.N 978-960-7388-33-9
The birds that fly in the night can see through the dark. Such is the nature of the inspirations that appear by the night. May the night birds fly through your mind also and wake you up from sleep each night to the display of the treasures of the Himalayan wisdom. May your deeper mind never sleep again.
Kundalini, Stilled or Stirred (translated in Greek)
(14 x 21)
Selling Price 15€
I.S.B.N 978-960-7388-34-6
While portraying kundalini from its psycho-physical and spiritual implications and impacts, the author tries to alleviate some misconceptions about the nature of cakras- the consciousness centers- about the meaning of "raising the kundalini" and "opening the cakras", helping one drop all mental habit patterns to achieve "liberation".
Sadhana in Applied Spirituality (NEW PUBLICATION)
(14 x 21)
140 Pages - Selling Price 13€
I.S.B.N 978-960-7388-36-0
Translated by Chryssanthi Foteina-Kissadjekian and Sofia Foteina-Chatzikokoli
This short and humbly powerful book will bring order into our lives. It offers a rich source of knowledge about life and its purpose- “who am I and why I am here?” It is balanced and focused and seems to be the veteran Swamiji’s lasting gift and legacy where he has distilled his personal spiritual experience into words. The remarkable manual should make many a life more sublime.