Yoga Workshops for Adults
The Himalayan Yoga addresses not only to the body but also to the mind. Nowadays, contemporary doctors of the conventional medicine accept that most of the illnesses have their origin in the psychologic level that is sentiments and thoughts. The correct posture of the body helps the correct “posture” of the mind. The stilled body prepares a stilled, pure, concentrated mind, which in our days is missing from our society.

We start with "Joints and Glands" practices as given to us by Swami Rama and we continue with hatha yoga asanas as were given by Patanjali.

We continue with Prana practices, one of our basic tools for the internal peace and clarity of the mind, ending up with meditation.

Yoga not only helps in positive thinking and feelings but also enhances memory, improves many musculoskeletal problems, constipation, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol and many more.

And these are only the "side benefits" of yoga, while the goal is to attain samadhi. Saying so, my mind gets filled up with Swami Veda’s advice: "aspire to be enlightened in this very life". It is possible but we need to work for it, he continued, but I am not sure these are his exact words.

Co-ordinated by Sofia Foteina - Chatzikokoli

Class 1: Every Tuesday and Thursday 09:00-10:30 (J + G and hatha)
Class 2: Every Tuesday and Thursday 18:15-19:45, and Friday 20:00-21:30 (J+ G, + pranayama practice + meditation)
Class 3: Every Tuesday, Thursday (J + G and hatha) and Friday 20:00-21:30 (J+ G, + pranayama practice + meditation)

Suggested Donation: 50 euro per month.