Extended Letter
(at St. Andrew Scout Center, Aghios Andreas, New Makri, Municipality of Marathon)
Dear kalyanamitras (friends on the spiritual path),
Dear leaders of the AHYMSIN affiliated Centers,
Dear sisters and brothers,
In March 2019, during the AHYMSIN sangha gathering at the SRSG ashram in India, Swamiji Ritavan asked us “What else could we do to help more people?”. Among other suggestions, there was one proposed by Sofia Foteina, about creating a European Spiritual Village of the Himalayan Tradition in Greece. This would be a friendly environment where we could meet for seminars, workshops, and retreats as a stepping stone to Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama.

This invitation today, is the result of our first concrete small project: a gathering of AHYMSIN (Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International) for Families during the European Summer holidays of 2023. The idea was embraced by some of us, who met and started organizing a Summer Himalayan Yoga Camp for Families. We started in 2020-interrupted by the Covid situation-and finally we are preparing to meet with you in August 3rd - 10th, 2023 in Greece (Saint Andrew Scout Camp, Poseidon Avenue, New Makri, Municipality of Marathon, Attica).

The idea is to create a space in Europe where we can all meet and where families are welcomed. Until our own space is created, we are planning a week together renting a scout center, living in small houses or tents, practicing yoga for all ages in a forested area of 40.000 square meters, going swimming, having a space for discussions about family and spirituality, creativity and handcrafts workshops. We are also planning one day sightseeing visit. Three vegetarian/Mediterranean meals a day are catered so that families can use their time for maximum play and be together.

Information about the Camp facilities
The camp will take place in a scouts’ forested center. It is located approximately 30 minutes from the Athens airport. The rooms and conditions are simple and clean. Participants can choose between sleeping in bedrooms or tents. There are 2 bed and 3 bed non-smoking bedrooms with bathroom/hot water and A/C for 60 people. There is space for 90 people who prefer to bring their own tents (no camping cars are allowed). Also, one can use rented tents for 8 people. Tents are served with toilets and hot water showers, as well as two kitchenettes and open-air dining areas. The camp has several shady areas for yoga and other activities. The scout camp has peripheral security with cameras and the entrance doors close at night. Pets are not allowed in the camp.

The camp includes one day visit to the most ancient Greek Theater at Thorikon, and end with the famous sunset at Cape Sounion and the Poseidon Temple, which are quite close to the camp.

Beach and swimming
There is a beach 5 minutes walking from the camp, which is sandy and clean, to use every day.

What to bring
• Bed sheets or/and sleeping bag
• Pillow case(s),
• Towel(s)
• Toiletries (ex. soap, body and hair shampoo, etc).
• Yoga mat and yoga cushion. (for those who travel from abroad there will be yoga mats available, if you let us know ahead)
• Bathing suit, sea towel, hat, sun protection cream.
• Flashlight(s),
• Mosquito repellant,
• Reusable water bottles
• Ideas for non-competitive games that you think kids would be interested in.

Mr. Stathis, the Sheff Scout, will prepare 3 vegetarian/Mediterrannean meals per day and will provide lunch boxes for the outing day.
The water is filtered and there are water coolers around the camp.
There are 4 supermarkets around the camp and a bakery shop in 5 min walk, if you need to buy some supplies.

In addition, we offer:
• Daily yoga classes for all ages given by an international team of Himalayan Yoga teachers
• Story time and Art and Craft activities
• Games and Sea activities (camp is only a 5 minutes’ walk from the beach)
• Parents’ meetings and talks
• Evening programs for the whole family

All these program activities are lovingly offered to participants by teachers or sadhakas of the HYT. If you feel like it, you can leave a donation (dakshina) which would be greatly appreciated as a love offering.

Payment information:
If you’d like us to book your family a spot, please transfer at least 50% of the fee before the 15th of March 2023 to the following bank details:
Center Address: 12, Thessalonikis Str. Chalandri 15234, Athens, Greece
IBAN GR 720110 69200 000 69200 177 280

The balance payment could be transferred during the registration at your arrival together with the price for the outing day, or before the starting date.

Please note:
• Parents are responsible for their children’s safety at all times except when they are in a group with a teacher.
• All members should arrange on their own premises health/accident insurance.
• The use of alcohol or recreational drugs are not permitted.
• English will be the common language for communication, it is possible to plan for translations (if volunteers show up!! :))
• The beautiful place we will be staying was created and is sustained by volunteer scouts, so all participants in the camp are kindly invited to offer their selfless service to keep the place clean, functional and tidy as it was found at arrival.
• All program activities are lovingly offered to participants by teachers of the HYT. If you feel like it, you can leave a donation (dakshina) which would be greatly appreciated as a love offering.
• We will refund completely your registration if you cancel it before the 15th of May and it can be replaced by another person/family.
• All information collected will be used only for the purpose of facilitating your stay in the camp.

To register please fill up the registration form before the 15th March 2023:
If you have questions:
Sofia +30 6937122768 (Whatsapp) and
Looking forward to meeting you all in August 2023!

The organization team
Csilla Horvath (Hungary)
Timi Varga (Hungary)
Tamara Soru (Italy and Mozambique)
Uta Bisseswar (Germany and the Netherlands)
Maria Miguel Ribeiro (Portugal and Switzerland)
Sofia Foteina (Greece)